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Hearing Care

Hearing loss has a huge impact on your daily life and in many cases can be radically improved with a hearing aid or treatment. We offer free hearing tests designed to diagnose any hearing loss and help find a solution that works for each patient. If you are diagnosed with hearing loss, our expert audiologist will assist you in finding an appropriate solution. 

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Hearing Tests in Broxbourne

If you are concerned about hearing loss one of our free hearing tests is a great way to get reassurance. Our friendly audiologist provides exceptional care and can help you deal with all different kinds of hearing loss. The hearing tests we offer are comprehensive meaning we check on your ear health and hearing profile to see if you could benefit from any kind of hearing correction or treatment. 


Wax Removal

A build-up of ear wax causes hearing loss for many people. We carry out simple procedures to remove excess ear wax so you can experience optimal hearing. As with all testing and procedures, wax removal is carried out by a qualified audiologist. 

Aftercare & Advice

Aftercare is how we continue to look after you once you’ve been fitted with a hearing device. Everybody's journey with hearing loss is different and having professional support is a great way to get peace of mind. At aftercare appointments, we’ll check up on your device and hearing, but also give you any extra advice or support you need so you can get the best hearing possible. 

Our Audiologist,
Fatema Narband

Fatema graduated with a BSc (Hons) Audiology degree and worked in the NHS which provided a great base for how to fit and work with complex losses. Fatema then worked for a global manufacturer of hearing aids as both a Field Training Audiologist and an NHS Account Manager. This required supporting audiologists with their training, helping with technical queries and assisting patients on their hearing aid journey. She is very passionate about bringing a high quality of care, and loves the difference seeing an audiologist can make to the quality of life of patients.


Outside of work, Fatema likes to spend time with her family, travelling, and completing escape rooms!

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