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Discover our range of beautiful eyewear curated so that you can enjoy comfort, clarity and style with every pair of frames.


Eyewear Styling

When you’re presented with an array of quality lenses and frames in different styles and types, you may not immediately know where to begin. Our approach to eyewear styling is to give you as much help as you request using all the information you give us.​

As well as matching frames to individual styles and face shapes, we can help you find glasses to suit your individual needs whether you’re looking for a pair for a particular sport or comfortable frames for reading.

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Prescription Sunglasses & Sports Eyewear

Included in our range is an amazing selection of prescription sunglasses and sports eyewear. We want you to have glasses that work for you and part of that is making sure you’re covered outdoors and during different activities. Prescription sunglasses provide excellent protection from the sun as well as clear vision in a new set of environments.

Our sports eyewear is specially designed for a wide variety of sports to fit comfortably and provide optimal vision so you can enjoy an active lifestyle and not have your performance hampered by poor vision.


Our designers eyewear collection

We want our patients to look and feel their best. We carefully select our range of eyewear to ensure that we offer the latest styles, collections and trends.

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Stepper Eyewear
Spectacle Lenses

​​Quality spectacle lenses are essential to enjoying your eyewear and preserving your eye health. We make sure that all of our lenses provide clear vision without distortion based on your precise prescription.


There are a variety of lenses available with different thicknesses, looks and coatings so you can choose the options that are best for you.

Getting Used To Varifocals

For people with multifocal prescriptions, varifocal spectacle lenses mean you can correct your vision without having to use two pairs of glasses. We offer 30-minute consultations to test your eyes and tell you everything you need to know about varifocal lenses. It’s not necessary to make a purchase; these consultations are there to help you see if varifocal lenses are right for you.

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